Frances for Noel

22 Jan

Frances for Noel by wickedphysics
Frances for Noel, a photo by wickedphysics on Flickr.

now all the cousins have monsters!

Olivia & Maddox

4 Jan

Olivia & Maddox by wickedphysics
Olivia & Maddox, a photo by wickedphysics on Flickr.

Finished a second monster for my little monsters

Finished Objects – 2013

21 Jan

Looking back, I started spinning this in 2011, in my defense though, I did have a baby and have been momming it up with 2 kids in 2012. Now that I’m getting into the swing of having two kids to raise, a job to do, and sanity to keep, I’ll be spinning more in 2013.

Spunky Eclectic: Night Owl

Sport weight-ish, 190 yards

190 yards of Night Owl Merino from @spunkyeclectic from a swap with @sparkcrafted it only took a year+ to get on & off the wheel. time for its hot bath

Spunky Eclectic Night Owls


Works in Progress

20 Jan

There are a few things I’m still finishing up from 2012, and resisting the major urge to start something new before I get some things off the needle(s) or wheel. Sock knitting is slow for me, especially endless stockinette. Size 10.5 feet make for some L-O-N-G socks. Going forward I’m only going to knit socks while wearing handknit socks.

WIPs 2012 - The leftovers



Finishing 2012 projects

11 Jan

I started this cross stitch for my sister in law for christmas, but it didn’t get done quite in time. So, along with a few other cross stitch projects that I’ll be finishing this year, I’ll be doing quite a bit of stitching this year.

7:365 Water

7 Jan



This summer my running life came to a halt, I couldn’t run more than 3 miles without an epic day-killing headache. Not surprisingly this made me very sad indeed, running is a part of my pre-kid life that I was happy to bring into mom-land. So, I tried the usual suspects: time of day, hydration, electrolytes, to no avail. Went to my GP and the oil & belts check, tires rotated, and nothing. They kicked to to a neurologist who was very nice and sent me for an MRI – *just* to make sure it isn’t an aneurism or anything like that. It wasn’t, and she was puzzled.  It also proved that my life was a bit too busy that if the 8PM MRI was the most pleasant “me” time I spent that week. They had pandora 80′s music, it was a cool, softly lit room. The banging that came at regular intervals just made it seem like I was chaperoning a very noisy dance.

Right before the new year, I came up with a new strategy,  two crossfit classes per week and two runs on the weekends. Two weeks into the plan, and it is going well. My goal is to über-hydrate, to make sure that it isn’t the lack of water keeping me from being able to pursue my goals. My classroom is far away (if it is on another floor it is far away – can’t run out and fill a little water bottle every time it runs out) from potable water. Bring on the growler – 64oz of 18/8 stainless steel water potting power. The pint glass is there for size, it make it almost look wee.

The only drawback to this is I kind of feel like Mike Myers in “So I Married An Axe Murderer” and his giant cup.


6:365 Ply-time

6 Jan

6:365 Ply-time by wickedphysics
6:365 Ply-time, a photo by wickedphysics on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
So, it took awhile to spin the first bobbin, but a night to do the second bobbin. More spinning in 2013. This should be a nice tweedy looking number once it’s done. Plying always takes longer than I think it will, but it is enjoyable to see the yarn develop as it goes on the plying spool. #8in2013

5:365 Rogue, Night Owl, and me

5 Jan

Via Flickr:
Spinning for the first time this year, finishing the only spinning I did last year. Will endeavor not to make this again this year and do more spinning. The wool is Spunky Eclectic’s Night Owl Merino, the beer is Hazelnut Brown (one of my faves) #8in2013

4:365 lemur-time

4 Jan

4:365 lemur-time by wickedphysics
4:365 lemur-time, a photo by wickedphysics on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ready for an epic night of grading & getting stuff done. Hoping to have the weekend free for other things. This tea had me at the packaging alone, much like its narwal cousin. But two for two on these Trader Joes teas, it’s great stuff.

3:365 Current Listen – love this book!

3 Jan

I listen to books before I fall asleep. A habit that I started when I was a kid, taking out “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books from the library a million times over. Back then it was tape & a GE boom box, but it got the job done.

For a long time I stopped listening to books (ages 14-36?) and just slept. But, now especially with two kids, phone books (heh) are my way to go. Long runs, middle of the night wake ups, or the non-kid-in-the-car drive times.

This book’s opening FLOORED me, it just jumped in the deep end of the awesome pool and seems to be in for a long swim. Love that when that happens. If you have read/listened to Dr. Strange & Mr. Morrell, A Discovery of Witches, or any of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, you maybe in for a treat!