It takes a village (of knitting writers)…

20 May

While being on both sides of the desk is keeping me busy (the more I take classes the more it makes me appreciate being a teacher, and vice versa.) I have almost finished my research and have done 1/2 of my writing, soI should be able to finish soon. Whew!

Well due to all this crazy grad-schooling stuff I missed Maryland Sheep & Wool AND New Hampshire Sheep & Wool. (Anyone been to RI’s or CT’s festivals and care to comment?) So, I am GOING to get some sheepy-goodness this May/June by getting out to Mass Sheep & Wool and the Maine Fiber Frolic. My hope is by declaring my intention I will increase my chances of actually going. (as I do so I shake my tiny fist at the grad-school gods in defiance)

But, I did take a day off today and did some knitting – working on my first toe-up socks. Now, this was a bit of a fortuitous venture because IK had a big article about toe-up sock design. Although I could *NOT* get what they were trying to say about middle eastern cast on – and then couldn’t find any better instructions on the internet. (Any help, I’ll take it!). So, I went and sat myself down in front of a large shelf of knitting books for help – my intention was to buy the book that hand the answer (in a manner I could understand).

One of my many jobs before I taught was writing instruction manuals for the high-energy physics equipment I tested. So, I would break each task down to discrete steps, one task per line, and then document with a picture or an illustration. So, needless to say, I am pretty picky when it comes to reading instructions that I like them a certain way. I always feel that the IK technique instructions leave one thing out, or I can’t quite make the leap that they want me to. But, I think it is a “It’s me, not you” thing going on here.

Anyway, I found a lovely toe-up cast on technique in The Knitting Answer Book and added that to the basic “formula” for toe-ups in the socks in the summer issue of IK and added that to the instructions for Jaywalkers and I am having a quite a fun time. (I know that some lovely instructions exist for toe-up jaywalkers, but this way I am learning more about basic construction, something that I’ve been wanting to do. And I get to work some new-to-me stitches and create an interesting pattern, woo-hoo!

My first toe-up!

Working toe-up and the yarn from Lucy Neatby is wonderful. I really enjoy knitting with this yarn on Size 0/2mm needles, it is making a lovely fabric. The only problem is that my DH is now insisting that when I knit his sweater, it is to on size 0 needles, oh my…

In the constant struggle to keep clutter at bay, I wound some of my stash yarn (that counts as house-cleaning, right?) I know, I know, it is the equivalent of reorganizing your Sassy magazine collection when you are supposed to be cleaning your room…But I did it anyways and isn’t it pretty?

Wildfoote Yarn Cakes

and then it went and joined some friends on my desk, (It isn’t clutter, it is a still-life)

Wind much?

Now excuse me, I have a bit of sewing to do for some lucky contest winners…

3 Responses to “It takes a village (of knitting writers)…”

  1. Cableneedle 21. May, 2007 at 12:49 am #

    I have to remember all the “still life” compositions I have in my home. Great comment!

  2. maryse 21. May, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    i have a basket of handspun in my living room that is definitely a still life.

  3. elanknits 21. May, 2007 at 11:15 pm #

    Anna Zilboorg wrote a great book about Turkish patterns and technique called Fancy Feet, I’m not sure if it’s in print but her instructions were great when I borrowed it from the library.

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